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Modernist Cuisine The Art And Science Of Cooking Epub Reader
Modernist Cuisine The Art And Science Of Cooking Epub Reader


Modernist Cuisine The Art And Science Of Cooking Epub Reader





















































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>> Anonymous Tue Dec 25 19:05:29 2012 No.4099513 This is seriously one of the best Christmas gifts I've received this year. Most of the books from last year and this year are from a private ebook DDL community. Don't have an account? Create your account Login Remember me Login Forgot your password? . >> Anonymous Thu Dec 27 19:39:32 2012 No.4103802 >>4103651thanks a bunch>rapidshare bandwidth exceededwell.fuck . >> Anonymous Sat Dec 29 00:32:33 2012 No.4106737 >>4106706so you're admitting that a group that consists primarily of young males creates a hostile, rude environment?couldn't agree more. We have a lot of older people, people actually interested in cooking/cook for a living and women here. We don't have to guess haphazardly at cooking times, for example: by applying the equations of heat transport, we can estimate them pretty accurately. I've also written a post online that lays out the details of the mechanism behind the stall.8. File: 178 KB, 858x674, ck advent calendar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report] heartsonfire!!fPX2cAyysZV Tue Dec 25 12:54:30 2012 No.4098919 [Reply] [Original] Hey ro/ck/stars, Merry Christmas! Here is the final Advent Calendar thread of the year.


I'll post a mirror on rapidshare (or something else? if you have a suggestion) in the afternoon tomorrow anyway. And guess what? Pretty much all of them are either extracted from seaweed or made by fermentation. >> Anonymous Sat Dec 29 00:07:33 2012 No.4106667 >>4106648Your confusing this board with /fit/ . I missed a couple because they were taken down but still I have a nice library to look thru when i am feeling creative , I appricate all you have done. We also took some unusual approaches to photography; those really paid off, but they did involve trial and error. MSG has been widely attacked, but I searched the medical literature and was amazed to find that in fact there is no scientific evidence that it is bad for you. Just thought I'd share the (rather old now) discovery.Decent read with pretty pictures. Even if you set that aside, most of his research does focus on applying science to understanding traditional cooking. At The Fat Duck, Young expanded the experimental kitchen from one to more than six full-time chefs. >> Anonymous Sat Dec 29 06:27:33 2012 No.4107278 Bumping. >> Anonymous Sat Dec 29 18:41:33 2012 No.4108502 thank you moderators for keeping thread alive . These cookies will get you laid.As with all baking, it's better to use a scale to measure the dry ingredients. I had this goal of making what I called an instant souffl: a mix that you can store in an iSi whipping siphon and squirt out just before you are ready to bake it. Piero Lissoni Every page of Modernist Cuisine has a surprise in store. >> heartsonfire!!fPX2cAyysZV Thu Dec 27 18:17:32 2012 No.4103651 mirrors for those of you still having issues with Filepost:EPUB: Food Network magazine issues: Saveur magazine issues: like casseroles. He completed a stage at Jack�s Luxury Oyster Bar and was quickly hired by Jack Lamb to be head chef there. 6704223018

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